What People Say

Ariel is a thinker … a thinker that is way ahead of his time. he has the ability to develop and then market his product line linking people from their past history to their present history. his ideas are amazing. ariel would be an asset on anyone’s team!

Deborah Brodie, DorLDor.com – Weaving Spirituality Through Words

Ariel is a very passionate leader with great social media, marketing and management skills! He was a pleasure to work with!

Chris Requena, Developer, techie, mobile strategist and entrepreneur building awesome mobile solutions at www.Mobinett.com

Ariel is a hard worker, with a laser focus on solving problems and creating ideas that his clients appreciate. Ariel runs a tight ship – he expects 100 percent from his people because he gives 150 percent to his clients! One thing is true – Ariel will work as hard as he can and maybe even more than that to try and satisfy the needs of his clients.

John Preves, Owner at John Preves Photography

I had an opportunity to work with Ariel when he worked at Tech Success. We had a great relationship as business partners. He was extremely knowledgeable about social media marketing and how it could be used to help companies build their brand. I had opportunity to watch him interact with his clients and was extremely impressed with his ability deal with client needs as well as his willingness to support them. Ariel is unique with proven abilities in the area of sales and marketing, while also possessing the technical skills to implement and manage customer solutions.

Howie Snyder, at LocalAdProNE

Ariel has a vast knowledge of helping companies maximize their visibility through the web and social media. I enjoyed working with him and would recommend him to everyone I know.

Alexandra Bavosi, ATG Consulting – Growing Business’s

Ariel is an extremely passionate and detail oriented individual who went out of his way to provide me and my company with great service when we hired Tech Success a few years ago.

Steve Messineo, Owner, Executive Director at All-Access Fitness Academy

Ariel is an extremely rare person. He is able to sit down with you, listening intently as you explain your history and the challenges your facing. In an incredibly short period of time (within hours) he is creating brilliant road maps and success strategies. I have worked with a lot of coaches over the years, and no one I have ever worked with has been able to cover so much ground so fast. And to top it off, his ideas and insight are the best I have yet to receive. I cannot say enough positive things about my experience with this insightful, energetic, highly-creative pro.

Daryl Crockett, CEO at Validus

Ariel has a handle on how to social networking and computer technology and he has a vision for where things are going. His knowledge and insights go strait to the point and he articulates those insights well and in a manner that is very helpful.

Chuck Morse, Partner at Epic Quest Media – Radio Host – IRN/USA Radio Network

Ariel is dedicated and passionate about his work. He has ensured that he always understands what we wish to convey and has worked very closely with us. He is an excellent teacher and is always available to answer any questions which we may have. We look forward to a continued and successful marketing campaign with Ariel and are happy to recommend him and his work.

Rosanne Goldman, Director at Renaissance Music School

Ariel has provided outstanding service to our company. We have developed a professional relationship that I consider extremely valuable. We are excited to continue to do business with Ariel and Tech Success well into the future.

Robin Currie, Consultant at Currie Management Consultants, Inc.

Ariel is a passionate and driven manager and planner who unearths all possible avenues to engage his target audience. He takes great pride in his work and is committed to excellent in achieving his targeting goal.

Michael Foilb, Printing at Fry Communications

Ariel has opened my eyes to the social networking opportunity. He has suggested and lead me to a place where I can see things I never would have even known to look for. I am so excited to learn more and continue growing with his guidance I am sure this association will be amazing.

Sue Nisbett, Arbonne Independent Consultant

Ariel is a knowledgeable expert in the the field of computers and building blogs.He is very personable and easy to relate to. He constantly thinks out side of the box for solutions.

Carol Adlestein, Education Management Professional

Ariel provided a great breadth of information and hands-on training to demonstrate and teach me how social media can help me in my professional life and career development. I highly recommend Ariel for any type of social media training and consulting.

Ellyn Fishkin, Attorney at Consoli & Wilshusen

Ariel is amazing. I have had other technicians here before. They all bemoan the sorry state of my computers. Not Ariel, he just went right to work and got the job done. No whining or complaining about the equipment.

We have an Apple Power Book that we took to the Genius Bar at the Apple store at the mall. Their Genius said that our video camera wouldn’t work on their machine. Ariel got it to work in about 20 minutes.

We highly recommend Ariel.

Martin Paley, Executive Vice President

Ariel was Director of Congregational Life at our Temple. As director he was responsible for connecting the congregation to the temple and each other. Ariel was exemplary in this task. He was always available, always had a smile and very creative. He has wonderful skills in social networking and social media, is a great teacher and an all around good guy. I recommend Ariel.

Ron Czik, Senior Technology Leader and Project Manager

Ariel proactively and efficiently helps people with a common purpose work together to achieve their goals. He readily steps in where needed, and helps move projects from the planning stages to implementation with quiet dedication and grace. Having worked with Ariel at Temple Israel of Sharon while I was Chair of the Israel Affairs Committee and he was Director of Congregational Life, I had the pleasure of benefiting from his input and his commitment to bringing Israel to life for the Jewish community in the Diaspora. I would recommend him anytime.

Linda Lown-Klein, Grant writer at Greater Boston Legal Services

Ariel was thoughtful, thorough, creative and dependable in his position at Temple Israel. It was a pleasure to work with him.

Andrea Lavender, Co-Chair, Hessed Committee at Temple Israel

Ariel is a self motivated man that multitasks very well. He is always aware of deadlines and pays attentions to the time that the various tasks require. He is an implementer that works well with everyone on the team. Ariel has a way of teaching what he knows as you work with him. His soft personality makes it easy to work with him.

Morey Waltuck, Ophthalmic Devices Consultant

Ariel is very collegial and worked to support the mission of Temple Israel’s Family Education Committee. I found Ariel to always be helpful, detail oriented, and organized.

Julie Brenman, Practice Administrator at Landmark Medical Center

Ariel brings to you a blend of many talents to address very specific goals in a uniquely creative and exponentially caring way. His very warm and caring approach is backed by results and creates a positive atmosphere where people benefit throughout the organization. The High Integrity is absolute and I believe he can be an asset in most work settings of today. Don’t miss out on meeting this great individual and the depth of his skills honestly matches that of his personality.

Lauren Andrews, Physical Therapist at Southeast Rehabilitation

I found Ariel to be consistently pleasant, tackling all assignments with dedication and a smile.

Besides being a pleasure to work with, Ariel is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and demonstrate their benefits. He has successfully developed several educational programs and historical DVD’s for Temple Israel’s 70th birthday. The educational programs have resulted in increased participation of our youth and adult education efforts and the historical DVD added value and enhanced our fund raising efforts for Temple Israel is 70 big event.

During his tenure, we saw an increase in qualitative Jewish historical information dissementated weekly via email and the creation of many successful well attended holiday programs that exceeded expectations.

I highly recommend Ariel for employment. He is a team player and would make a great asset to any organization.

Irv Kempner

Irv Kempner, Board Member World Boston at WorldBoston

Ariel arranged for me to speak at his synagogue with perfect execution. All was details were handled expertly and in a timely manner; he was diligent in returning emails and phone calls, and we worked together well.

Maggie Anton, author of Rashi’s Daughters Plume Books

I had the opportunity to observe the work of Ariel Dagan during his service as Director of Congregational Life at Temple Israel. located in Sharon, Massachusetts. I served as President of the Brotherhood during his first year at Temple Israel. Ariel was a hard working, dedicated and creative leader who was very enthusiastic about his work. He made diligent efforts to arrange for different arms of the congregation to work together in a cooperative manner, and to plan and implement innovative programs. Ariel brings a great deal of passion to Jewish education, and also has strong music, artistic, and technological skills. In particular, he coordinated the publication of a very fine program book for the synagogue that showcased the many wonderful activities going on Temple Israel. Further, he oversaw the production of a multi-media DVD that was issued upon Temple Israel’s celebration of its 70th Anniversary. Ariel did a wonderful job in encouraging many congregants to submit essays, photographs, and video clips, and he oversaw the compilation and editing of the material. Likewise, he played a major role in staging a festive Israel Independence program, which included a community walk. Ariel has been willing to roll up his sleeves, and to give it his all, to help further the mission of the congregation. He is committed to the future of the Jewish community.

David Arons, Law Partner at ISSADORE & ARONS LLP

To whom it may concern. During the time both Ariel and I worked at JCDS, we worked together on creating and developing a study unit that would be integrated into the existing curriculum. Ariel was a true team player on all levels, and his enthusiasm, drive, sharpness and creative thinking, all were very inspiring and contributed to the success of our work and final product. Ariel’s work ethic and tendency to be very thorough are expressions of his high expectations of himself as well as his determination to attain the goals he sets and aspiration to excel.

Tamarah Touvian, Department Head at Heschel High School

Our son had an excellent experience with Ariel. Our son’s strengths are in math and Hebrew; these were nurtured and developed during his time in Ariel’s classroom.

Peter Squires, Teacher at Boston Public Schools

Ariel was a great teacher at JCDS. My son learned a lot from him!

Galit Heimlich, Marketing Manager – North America at SunGard

It was a pleasure working with Mr. Dagan during my year at the Mesivta of Providence. As Hebrew Language Arts Coordinator, Mr. Dagan displayed enormous patience and care dealing with a class of diverse levels. In addition to his ability to teach a multi-level class, he also was able to connect with many different age groups as he taught HLA to classes throughout the elementary school as well as the high-school. In fact, I was very impressed with the Channuka production that he produced together with the entire first, second, and third grades. It was clearly something that required a vast amount of skill and talent.

Avi Meth, Teacher, Salesforce Developer

Ariel is an outstanding, dynamic educator with innovative ideas. My daughters both attended Solomon Schechter where they both completed a year long Torah project which was the pillar project of the school. Ariel created this project and it was implemented for many, many years. Ariel is passionate about insuring Jewish continuity and strengthening community.

Barbara Mudd, Social Worker at Killingly Public Schools