An exciting journey to the unknown


It is only when we are able to take a step back and glance at all that we have done over the past year do we truly get to appreciate all of the changes that have come our way. It is with profound gratitude and appreciation that I acknowledge all the *individuals who have helped me continue the research I am currently pursuing. In 2014 I first formed and developed certain Hypotheses. During the pandemic have I decided that pursuing answers to them is worth the great challenge ahead. I look forward to sharing more in 2022 about the road [...]

When Opportunity Presents Itself


Like many educators in Massachusetts  , I am aware that next week will mark the date that we moved to online learning.  As a media specialist, I have been involved in online communities of learning prior to the pandemic. However, last year I witnessed a significant change that for me created a call to action. One of the first things I did was reach out to the community of media specialists and found  great support each day from Renee Hobbs of the University of Rhode Island Media Lab. The Virtual Viral Hangouts allowed connection with like minded professionals who were [...]

Opportunity awaits- Lets Play

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Just like any of the millions of Garmin product users I was abruptly interrupted from accessing my beloved stats analysis post workout. Since becoming more dedicated to working out on a regular basis I developed a relationship with the Foreunner series. The more I worked out the more I invested in the forerunner I was using. These days I use my Forerunner 935 to track my runs. Since Covid19 caused all in person events to be cancelled, I was no longer able to continue tracking my cycling training for the 149 mile B2VT Ride or the 60 mile Ghost Train [...]

A Community that Keeps on Giving

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One of the basic foundations when establishing roots somewhere is to be certain that you are able to dig a well and that it keeps you sustained and you can always cast down your bucket to draw up more sustenance from it's source. The well in my example is the well of knowledge that I have established for myself at the Harrington School of Communication and Media at the University of Rhode Island. As I settled down in 2014 in my role as Library Media Specialist at Tri county County Regional Vocational Technical High School I  would draw from the [...]

Healing Through Play- A Tale of Two Events

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Over the past month I have been fortunate to be exposed to so many accomplished creative educators, artists, computer science and other academics who are engaged in what Jane  McGonigal said was a better way to change the world. At Serious Play Conference ( June 22-26) and Games for Change Festival I witnessed amazing examples of not games that were specifically designed to create impactful behavioral change in the way people relate to one another. The list of games, programs I have seen were done by people who embrace the notion that games can make us better and lead to [...]

Crossing the Virtual Finish Line

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Today I completed  running 245 miles of the NYC Subway System Challenge. No, I did not leave Massachusetts and run between all the  subway stations of the The Big Apple in New York. However, I did at times feel as if I was there. You are most likely wondering why I  would challenge myself to participate in an event that is happening virtually? When you are accustomed to regularly participating in events there is a certain routine that takes place in in your life. There is of course the events themselves but the larger part is the training, Prior to [...]

Time to Get Serious and Play


While attending the Virtually viral Hangouts by Media Education Lab at University of Rhode Island I was given the opportunity by Renee Hobbs to rekindle a flame that was burning inside of me. when I prepared my gameplay session for the VVH community I was once again alive in my zone or what Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi refers to as a state of flow. I was challenging myself to use online tools I just recently discovered in other sessions and make them meet my needs for the session I plan with other media literacy professionals. I was having fun, enjoing myself and [...]

Looking Inward with a Focused Lens

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In previous posts I wrote about my experiences attending the daily Virtually Viral Hangouts hosted by the Media Education Lab at University of Rhode Island over a 13 week period. Following this experience, I was fortunate to be invited to serve on a panel of participants who would discussing their experience during a session at the Media Ecology Associating convention that took place online. The theme of the convention was Communication Choices and Challenges. The Saturday sessions I was involved with fit in with the theme as we were going to be speaking about the unique experiences we were able [...]

“If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am only for myself, what am I? If not now, when?”- Rabbi Hillel (110 BCE-10 CE)

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Since March, like many other people, I have been removed from my regular work environment and made to come to grips with some of the changes that some people thought would be temporary. Aside from looking after the welfare of my immediate and extended family, I worked quickly and efficiently to make sure that as a Library Media Specialist in a vocational high school I am able to continue providing both staff and students access to the resources they are accustomed to accessing on a regular basis. As the information specialist at my school, always having the pulse on what [...]

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