The Marketer

The Multicultural Experience

While at Berklee I would do a few gigs during the Jewish holiday. However I wanted to find something unique that was not being done. Having already seen my brother succeeded in the Tri State area summer camps, I decided to focus my attention on the New England Region. First step annual conference of American Camping Association. As an entertainer I would be able to play live and attract an audience. The focus was an imaginary trip around the world through music and dance with an emphasis on environmental awareness. We had a world map as our backdrop. We had authentic clothing and simple instruments to be used by audience volunteers. We had large flips charts with transliterated words in English of foreign songs that were large enough to be seen by people in audiences of a few hundred people seated farther away. We had music to simple dances with steps that could be taught in less than a minute or two. The environmental songs were catchy and hip, and mostly we had an enthusiastic attitude that kept the crowd of all ages up and down the entire hour and a half program.

Each year I would build a new show with new songs, dances, charts, clothing, instruments and renewed energy. Detailed notes would let me know what show number was to be done at what location. Since additional camps signed on each year a day may be consisted of 3 unique shows.

From an Australian didgeridoo to a Middle Eastern tarbuka. There were so many props used each show.

The Multicultural experience was enjoyed by campers as young 5 all the way through to 85. It  has been seen and experienced by approximately 250,000 people.


Ancient Ties Inc

While teaching in New Jersey I was always on the lookout for themed neckwear that could be matched to the subject matter at hand. With the help of my friend Jeff Summit, the name Ancient Ties came into being. In early 2000 I launched after working out the kinks of learning design and production. First round production consisted of 100 of each of the initial lines. The ties were organized by themes: Ancient Symbols, Biblical Passages, Ancient Places, and Traditions. The key was the packaging.

Ancient Ties is a play on words. The concept  was to develop a product that would help people connect with their heritage and history. As first, the focus was based on my ancient background in the land of Israel, the land of the Bible. Therefor one of the most significant and well known artifacts found in the Judean desert were the Dead Sea Scrolls. I decided the neckties would be rolled up in similar clay vessels, with a parchment explaining the history behind the design of each silk necktie. Over time the top of the jar had changed since, at first each clay pot was hand thrown and I plugged them with cork, later burlap to give a more authentic look, and finally I managed to manufacture a pot with top.

The gift set allowed people to present something that was not obviously a tie in a tie box. People would now Dig  into their history and find their Ancient Ties.

Each year I reached out mainly to the Judeo/Christian market through exhibits at festival and fairs, placing specially designed ads in faith based magazines. In 2003 I expanded and exhibited at The International New York Gift Fair with an expanded product line of pottery puzzles. This led to a multi year contract with one of the largest traveling exhibits: The Dead Sea Scrolls. With this success an additional line of hair wear with designs found on pot shards was added. Now ancient Ties had three distinct product lines. The strong relationship with Event Networks led to additional expansion to glass similar to vessels used in the roman days.

BY 2005 I was able to sell product before final design or manufacturing. Upcoming concept design was displayed at shows with orders placed for products 6-9 months waiting period. It took 9 months to move from concept design to product delivered. This year it was time to meet request of the female market. Through the first years I would be asked to have the designs on a scarf. The largest order came that year with a multiyear order for expanded product line and woven neckties as well for King Tut and the Golden Age of Pharos. I was slowly leaving Israel history, staying within the boundaries of Biblical themes and pushing new ideas: Hand painted ornament of the inside chamber of King Tut, 16×16 Silk scarf featuring elements found on the sarcophagus, as well as the mummy itself.

2007 additional expansion to a complete line of hand painted mosaics with themes including Egyptian and Greek history had begun. Pottery oil lamps and candles were also introduced that year. Marketing of archaeological curriculum to school and higher education institution was expanded to inquiries by customers how to incorporate product into the classroom.

Ecommerce evolved through the past 13 years. From SEO to SEM. static to dynamic pages. The site continued to evolve. This fall  Ancient Ties is updating its site to include web 3.0 tools such as game design.


Tech Success Inc

Tech Success came out of working to meet the needs of businesses to understanding the rapidly changing technology scene of 2009. In four years incredible changes have been taken place. Through various services TSI was able to provide effective social media management services that delivered above and beyond anything that was provided at the time.

Training– Company staff need to understand how to use the new tools and how to attract audience.

Consulting –Knowing what channels to add and how to build effective social media strategy is key.

Designing – Web 2.0 requires updating websites enabling users’ interaction with content in various ways.

Content Management – New information constantly needs to be updated enticing engaged users.

Management – Any channel requires proper management by posting content and replying to comments.

Writing with a purpose – Creative writing serves to cause interest and search engine optimization.

Being found – There are many ways for a brand to market itself. SEO is one of many.

Events – Scheduling, promoting and management of events for greater efficiency.

Analysis – Performance is based on evaluating data that is captured and graded to establish ROI.

Taxonomy – To be found and promoted all content needs efficient and logical tagging and indexing

PR – Public relations is done through various channels. Formal, video, status updates, blogs and more.

Images – Before something is read, it is seen through an static or moving image that garbs attention.