Just like any of the millions of Garmin product users I was abruptly interrupted from accessing my beloved stats analysis post workout. Since becoming more dedicated to working out on a regular basis I developed a relationship with the Foreunner series. The more I worked out the more I invested in the forerunner I was using. These days I use my Forerunner 935 to track my runs.

Since Covid19 caused all in person events to be cancelled, I was no longer able to continue tracking my cycling training for the 149 mile B2VT Ride or the 60 mile Ghost Train Ultramarathon. Never the less, I still enjoyed tracking myself as I completed the 245 miles NYC Subway System Challenge (virtual run).

Like many athletes I was looking for my next challenge. In the meantime I was not pushing myself and was looking for something to motivate me. And then a few days ago when I could not download data from my watch and sync with Garmin connect I  was bummed but looked at the window of opportunity that just opened up.

Just recently I attended a session in the Games for Change Festival and heard from Six to Start developer about the growth in use of Zombies Run since the start of the pandemic. I thought to myself that with Garmin down I should try it out. As someone that has stopped running with audio for the last 4 years the notion of running with earbuds was not going to be my cup of tea. However, since I enjoy stories and games I was ready to give it a try.

Today was my third day using Zombies Run and I was delighted to see the Garmin is back online.

I’m certain you would like to know if I will continue with my gameplay or stick with Garmin. Zombies Run is not synced with Garmin. I leave that answer up in the air. I am sure glad I can download my running data again.