It is only when we are able to take a step back and glance at all that we have done over the past year do we truly get to appreciate all of the changes that have come our way.

It is with profound gratitude and appreciation that I acknowledge all the *individuals who have helped me continue the research I am currently pursuing. In 2014 I first formed and developed certain Hypotheses. During the pandemic have I decided that pursuing answers to them is worth the great challenge ahead. I look forward to sharing more in 2022 about the road ahead and what has been revealed to me thus far.

As an educator I am committed to doing all I can to creating the change I would like to see occur. There are many people who are familiar with my ability to create behavioral changes. However, this time I have decided to step into a realm that is both fascinating and presents a great opportunity to generate an impact larger than I thought possible before.

This first year has opened my eyes of how difficult the task ahead will be. I am very excited to continue venturing into the unknow, develop the proofs and build something better.

*(too many people to name in this space)