Opportunity awaits- Lets Play

2020-07-29T16:22:15+00:00athlete, design|

Just like any of the millions of Garmin product users I was abruptly interrupted from accessing my beloved stats analysis post workout. Since becoming more dedicated to working out on a regular basis I developed a relationship with the Foreunner series. The more I worked out the more I invested in the forerunner I was using. These days I use my Forerunner 935 to track my runs. Since Covid19 caused all in person events to be cancelled, I was no longer able to continue tracking my cycling training for the 149 mile B2VT Ride or the 60 mile Ghost Train [...]

Crossing the Virtual Finish Line

2020-07-14T11:58:12+00:00athlete, design|

Today I completed  running 245 miles of the NYC Subway System Challenge. No, I did not leave Massachusetts and run between all the  subway stations of the The Big Apple in New York. However, I did at times feel as if I was there. You are most likely wondering why I  would challenge myself to participate in an event that is happening virtually? When you are accustomed to regularly participating in events there is a certain routine that takes place in in your life. There is of course the events themselves but the larger part is the training, Prior to [...]

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