About Me

I am an active member in various communities in Norwood, MA.
I am a learner ~ enjoying observing and engaging.
I am a parent ~ proud supporter and cheerleader of five amazing young women.
I am a musician ~ listening and playing many styles.
I am a humanist ~ caring and contributing in various ways to causes that are important to me.
I am an entrepreneur ~ finding creative ways to make life exciting.
I am an explorer ~ taking journeys on defined paths as well as those yet to be discovered.
I am an athlete ~ challenging my mind and body to go beyond yesterday’s limits.
I am a friend ~ giving and getting support from those that consider me their friend.
I am an Israeli, I am an American, I am a Jew.


Ariel arranged for me to speak at his synagogue with perfect execution. All was details were handled expertly and in a timely manner; he was diligent in returning emails and phone calls, and we worked together well.

Maggie Anton, author of Rashi's Daughters Plume Books

Ariel brings to you a blend of many talents to address very specific goals in a uniquely creative and exponentially caring way. His very warm and caring approach is backed by results and creates a positive atmosphere where people benefit throughout the organization. The High Integrity is absolute and I believe he can be an asset in most work settings of today. Don’t miss out on meeting this great individual and the depth of his skills honestly matches that of his personality.

Lauren Andrews, Physical Therapist at Southeast Rehabilitation

Ariel is a self motivated man that multitasks very well. He is always aware of deadlines and pays attentions to the time that the various tasks require. He is an implementer that works well with everyone on the team. Ariel has a way of teaching what he knows as you work with him. His soft personality makes it easy to work with him.

Morey Waltuck, Ophthalmic Devices Consultant

Ariel was thoughtful, thorough, creative and dependable in his position at Temple Israel. It was a pleasure to work with him.

Andrea Lavender, Co-Chair, Hessed Committee at Temple Israel

Ariel proactively and efficiently helps people with a common purpose work together to achieve their goals. He readily steps in where needed, and helps move projects from the planning stages to implementation with quiet dedication and grace. Having worked with Ariel at Temple Israel of Sharon while I was Chair of the Israel Affairs Committee and he was Director of Congregational Life, I had the pleasure of benefiting from his input and his commitment to bringing Israel to life for the Jewish community in the Diaspora. I would recommend him anytime. 

Linda Lown-Klein, Grant writer at Greater Boston Legal Services
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