Parent First


Like any other parent my kids are the love of my life. Parenting is a wonderful experience yet one that challenges you in ways never imaginable.

I was fortunate to have my kids at a fairly young age of 24. Learning and exploring with your children is an experience on its own.

I will never forget the summer I spent traveling through 8 countires with my daughters. Nor will I forget the summer I got to spend with them on the road as we did The Multicultural Experience.

The greatest joy I had is being able to impart the cultural heritage I hold dear most of all. I am not embarrassed to say that there have been many moments I have been brought to tears of joy swelled with pride of what either one of my daughters has achieved.1146697_3303772050949_548176822_n

Most importantly it is not about whom they are or what they have done in arts or academics. It more about their accomplishments as individuals and what it is they are capable of doing because of their self-identity and confidence.

There are so many phases of being a parent. These days I am an empty nester and I jump for joy at the opportunity of communicating or spending time with my girls. It’s amazing how twenty years just pass like a blink of an eye.

Three years ago not only did I get remarried but I gained 3 more wonderful daughters. This summer we will have our first family wedding and I am so excited for her. Living in a blended family has so many rewards and I cherish the love, laughter and moments that we get to spend together.