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Play? How does playing fit in with marketing?

There are many reasons why we play. I have included a link to a report written by Nicole Lazzaro of XeoDesign in CA. It is very thoughtful and worth reading.

Throughout time games have been a method of bringing people together. From the Aztecs to the Egyptians, the Greeks and the Romans. People enjoy watching and participating.

It was as early as the 1940’s that computer aided games caught our attention. The question we should consider is why do we keep returning to play?

The answer is exactly what remains exciting in marketing. I am not talking about selling video games rather the process of game design. I am certain that if I ask you “what’s in your wallet, or on your key chain” you would be able to point out at least 5 loyalty cards. Yes. Loyalty programs are built by game design. This loyalty program is used today in very effective ways on mobile device platforms by companies such Shopkick, LevelUp, SpotOn, LoyalBlocks, and many more.

Foursquare was really the company to reward users with badges and nothing more. Business started rewarding customer and so loyalty paid off. Today we are seeing even another level of interaction on the web.  Gamification continues to find ways to be extremely important for social networking environment. Theese days companies can reward their loyal patrons or fans for sharing, commenting, taking pictures and so much more. Companies that are leading the way in this next development of webdesign and interactivity are: Badgeville, Bunchball, CaptainUp Here is  a link to the 2013 GAwards winners.

The video I have included features Doug Palmer of Deloitte Consulting explaining the importance gamification can play in business success.