Is it my imagination or does it seem like there are many assignments to be done each week. I must admit that I was not a fan of the assignments for this week.
Even though I am registered for this class I do not wish to publicly share the results of the study or annotated notes.
For this reason I will keep my answers brief:

Here is a link showing I know how to annotate an article:
I did not enjoy this weeks readings and found them to be missing much information.

Writing my logs for the entire week of everything I read was not fun and very distracting as I read for more than 10 hours each day. If I try to separate these between required and reading for pleasure, I would still find it not enjoyable trying to keep track of each time I try to grab a few minutes here and there when I am trying to read on of 5 books I am currently reading or news articles and many other sources of information that fill my mind.
Reading Book love as required for class in one week was not a problem but I found it also useless considering how little time we devoted based on the amount of time it took me to read a required book I needed to purchase for the course as different from all the other reading I do all week where I am not spending money to gain much greater knowledge. If I want to read about a project of a language specialist I may find useful information outside this book. What interests me is knowing what is being done by other library media specialists in the field. What are they doing inside their media centers. I am not focused on what happens inside the ELA classroom. I want to understand how they are addressing the crisis I keep hearing about all over where students are not reading.
What is being done and who is addressing this? Not once have we yet shown examples being implemented yet in LSC531. How should I work on building a collection for the vocational school I am in>
This is my research project and what articles I am currently searching:
Boice, D., Ager, J., Gunther, B., Davidson, J., & Mosey, J. (1985). The JAL Guide to the Professional Literature; Collection Development. Journal Of Academic Librarianship, 11(3), 183.

I am interested to know what is being done with regards to building an effective collection for these types of schools and how their library media specialists are working or have had success in reading programs with the vocational school system.

I must say I was not impressed with the video. It was slow and very boring. There are other example of these types of clips online that seemed to be shorter and better.