Project Description

May 2011 to Present

Team Members: Ariel Dagan

    Years before social media was termed, Ariel was receiving high remarks for programs he developed creating, inter-cultural, multi- age and most importantly highly interactive rate of engagement from people from all walks of life. Ariel has reached over a quarter of a million people both in entertainment and educational settings, using the exact methods he applies today in social media management. He passionately does what others have said again and again “could not be done”. Ariel believes in “Paying it Forward”. As an educator he knows that what special gifts you have, are meant for you to share with others. Ariel is certain that you will leave the May 3rd presentation laughing, yet confident in your new approach to achieving Tech Success in social media management. For this presentation Ariel borrowed the theme from Woody Allen: “Every Thing You Always Wanted to Know About Sex * But Were Afraid to Ask”. Ariel says that this is a perfect time for this type of presentation. We have had several years now to mature with social media. As an educator and a successful business person Ariel knows that one should never be afraid to ask. Ariel hopes that after the time spent together, people will leave the presentation, rushing back to…. behaving like a…. and wanting to do it, and do it again and again. This free event is being held at The Cedar Room at El Basha Restaurant.The combination of Middle Eastern Cuisine and Secret of successful social media management are the perfect recipe.