Project Description

September 2008 to Present

Team Members: Ariel Dagan

    Organized production of “The Gates are Closing” play (written by Merle Feld) with 10 members of the congregation. The play casts10 Jews spanning a wide range of ages, backgrounds, and professions.10 unique individuals each with their messhuggas, dreams, and yearnings. An exploration of dimensions in our community and of ourselves. THE ISRAELI,THE SOCIAL WORKER, THE HAZAN, THE ORPHANED, SISTER, THE RABBI THE RABBI’S WIFE, THE TEENAGER, THE MED STUDENT, THE CHILD OF HOLOCAUST SURVIVORS, THE ORPHANED BROTHER A stimulating thought provoking beginning to the High Holiday season. The SELICHOT event had over 350 people in attendance. In the past usually 25 people attend. Discussion followed.