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With everything that we try to do and cram into each day its not surprise that some people get a little uptight from time time. There are many ways one can relax and alleviate some of the stress from a hard days work, tough assignments, or just problems that have to do with relationships and life in general.

Sure aches and pains can be numbed through prescriptions, alcohol, and other drugs. But what if there was a way to put the blues away without poisoning your body? Can’t be done? For decades now many people have turned to alternative medical practice that many treatments are even covered by traditional health insurance plans.

This remedy is as old as time and has been practiced for centuries. I’m certain that if I ask you to think of your favorite tune, you’ll be able to start humming, or singing it in no time. Have you ever tried this? When you’re in a foul mood, or stressed, try sitting or standing in front of the mirror and sing out loud your favorite song. I guarantee that in no time all the skies around you will clear up ( if only for a brief moment of comfort).

Marketers have known about the healing powers of music  for a very long time. They fill our spaces with feel good music. Where? elevators, commuter stations, shopping centers and stores, sporting events, dinning facilities, etc. The only problem is that not always that specific music will get you moving. I’m certain you can recall seeing someone grooving down the isle somewhere and it brought a smile upon your face.

We all have our favorite songs and movie moments that make us pump up the volume. The beauty of this remedy through music is that it can be found within every single genre: From classical, jazz, country, hip hop ,rap, rockn roll, disco, folk, blues, pop and the list goes on and on.

One of my all time favorite songs by The Doobie Brothers is the title of the post. When you listen to words you can’t argue that:

” Music is the doctor
Makes you feel like you want to
Listen to the doctor
Just like you ought to
Music is the doctor of my soul”