We are connected in many waysIn 1981  Sting (The Police) wrote One World (Not Three). Aside from being a huge fan of The Police I, Ariel Dagan, remember very well the words of the song and the message it was trying to convey. At the time I was living in Jerusalem, Israel. Today, I reside in Worcester, MA. Sadly, it seems that we are still floating down in our boat Sting mentions in the song. The only problem is that many of the issues he mentioned are still with us and many more have cropped up.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the lyrics, you may find them at this link.

Currently, since 2012  Global Citizen has been working to tackle many aspects. Their website is built on education but very smoothly envelops game mechanics to entice members to become educated and “level up” their engagement with the brand which is part of Global Poverty Project.

This moving video content is a wonderful example of the work they are doing by showing that we all strive for common basic things.
http://www.globalcitizen.org/Content/Content.aspx?id=700bf242-deae-47a4-b7b9-47243b9db181&rby=12913e36-bafd-49b6-ba98-64d8064b4670  Check out this video:

To sustain our world we must come together. As Sting mentioned, we are all one one boat. Perhaps it is time that we begin and increase that steps that we take as Global Citizens to make change happen. You can join the efforts at http://wwww.globalcitizens.org

To remind you of the powerful message of the 1981 song by The Police from the album Ghost in the Machine I have included the clip below.

If you believe the problems are too big for just one person, do not despair. It is when we come together and we take individual actions that we can make a tremendous difference. Not doing anything will have us continue slowly drifting in our boat.