It's what we do that make  the difference

It’s what we do that make the difference

Tomorrow we begin again with a New Year. The Hebrew year 5774 starts with commitments and pledges by many to be better humans.
Do you do what you can to make certain the world we cherish will still be what we want it to be? Shouldn’t all people deserve to live a life as fee people? Are we comfortable at being masters of other human beings?

I promise to….How many times have you said it and not followed through? What stopped you? Do you believe the issue is TOO BIG to make a change for the better?

Don’t let most essential issues be ignored.  A New Year should be filled with sweetness of care, compassion, and concern for all people.  Did you know that we contribute to modern day slavery? In  the graphic image below you will see many products that are produced around the globe. This products are produced by forced labor.

Be ready to be shocked and learn that you may be responsible for supporting modern day slavery. Are these values fine by you? There are many things you you can do. Don’t remain on the sidelines. Click this link to be taken to the National Post News info-graphic  where you can click to enlarge and see, YES, the products that you purchase to consume, for your home, to wear, and more. YES. You  can do your part and stop supporting these industries.

Make a commitment to  change the world to the wonderful home you believe we all deserve to share. When your actions speak louder than your words real change can take place. Currently close to 27 million people are active victims of modern day slavery. You, as an individual have the power to make a difference.

Often we are unaware of our collective power as consumers. The ancient book of Proverbs chapter 18:21 teaches: Death and life are in the power of the tongue.  Yet our actions speak louder than words!

T have chosen to end with a funny clip from Weird Al Yankovitch showing how as a society we often but stuff we may not even need without realizing where they came from.  But our shopping habit help fuel an economy we may not be interested to support.